National ACHMM Awards

  • Founders Award - for distinguished service or achievement in support of the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Management. This award shall be awarded to honor senior members of the Academy who have made outstanding accomplishments in the support of the field of hazardous materials management, by long term service or continuous professional achievements. This award, which need not be given every year, will only be given to a single person in the years when it is awarded. This award should consist of a plaque to the individual, and carry a lifetime exemption from ACHMM dues.

  • Young CHMM of the Year - for the outstanding CHMM under the age of 35, who best demonstrates the ideals, ethics, and achievements outlined by the Academy. This award should be used to reward the brightest and best of young CHMMs. This award should consist of a small individual plaque, and carries a 5 year exemption from ACHMM dues.

  • Hazardous Materials Manager of the Year - For a member of the Academy who demonstrates the best performance of hazardous materials remediation in the course of the previous calendar year. This award would recognize that individual who has actually demonstrated management skill in actual operations. This award should consist of a small individual plaque.

  • Special Achievements for the ACHMM - To honor senior members of the Academy who have made significant administrative, educational, scientific, and/or operational contributions to the field of hazardous materials management. This award may be made to more than one individual per year. The award will consist of a plaque for the individual awardee. These awards carry a lifetime exemption from ACHMM dues.

  • Student Presentation Awards - To honor those students whose presentation has been chosen from a national competition, for presentation at the annual meeting. The award consists of a plaque and carry a stipend for travel and attendance for the annual meeting.

  • Chapter of the Year - For that chapter which has achieved the best combined accomplishments in the area of new member recruitment, successful C~ test training program, meaningful membership service activities, and mentoring activities in the previous calendar year. The award shall consist of a certificate, and a plaque.

  • Champions of Excellence (for Individuals)
    Individual has to have dues paid in full to Academy and complete any 5 of the following steps to qualify:
    a. Make a personal contact to introduce the philosophy of CHMMs to a member of Academia, Industry, Business, or Government
    b. Make a presentation to a civic group about issues relevant to hazardous materials management
    c. Bring a prospective CHMM member to a local Chapter meeting
    d. Serve in a leadership role as a Chapter or Academy officer, member, committee chair, or committee member
    e. Write an article for the Chapter or Academy newsletter
    f. Make a presentation at a CHMM review course
    g. Write a letter to a regulatory agency or an elected government official concerning proposed environmental regulations (must be signed as a CHMM).
    Each member who is to be recognized should have a letter certifying which of the requirements have been met, signed by the Chapter President or other designated chapter officer.

  • Honor Roll of Champions (for Chapters)
    Chapter officers will confirm the successful completion of 5 of the following required steps and any 5 optional steps to earn a place as an Honor Roll of Champions chapter:
    a. Identify and publicly recognize at least one CHMM as a Champion of Excellence
    b. Sponsor a CHMM Review course
    c. Support one chapter member's participation on a National Committee
    d. Promote the purchase of materials from the Academy Bookstore in the Chapter Newsletter
    e. Have at least 50% of the chapter members current Academy dues paid
    a. Sponsor the organization and chartering of a new chapter
    b. Sponsor or cosponsor a regional chapter meeting on issues of hazardous materials management
    c. Increase the chapter's membership by 10% over the previous year
    d. Publish chapter activities in the local media
    e. Host a public meeting or educational seminar on an issue relevant to the management of hazardous materials
    f. Have 80% of the chapter members present at any one meeting
    g. Publicly recognize at least one member who has published a technical paper or recognize those local CHMMs who received their diploma during the year
    h. Publicly recognize an elected government official who demonstrates a clear understanding of sound environmental management principles
    i. Present a guest speaker with something purchased through the Academy Bookstore.